Enable Collision Detection

Steps to enable Collision Detection

The steps to enable collision-detection to act on a 3D character are summarized below:

  1. Enable the character’s kinetics behavior
  2. Enable the character’s collision behavior
  3. Set Coefficient of Restitution for character (optional)
  4. Set Mass of character (optional)

Step 1. Enable Kinetic behavior

Enable the character’s kinetic behavior as shown in the snippet below.

//Line 6. Enable kinetics

Step 2. Enable Collision Behavior

Next, enable the character’s collision behavior to act on the character as shown below:

//Line 7. Enable collision

Step 3. Set the Coefficient of Restitution & Mass (Optional)

The Coefficient of Restitution determines the bounciness of the character. The value ranges from 0.0 to 1.0. A value of 1.0 represents a lot of bounciness and is set using U4DEngine::U4DStaticModel::initCoefficientOfRestitution().

Let’s set the Coefficient of Restitution to a medium level 0.5. And set the mass of the astronaut to 1.0.

//Line 8. Set Coefficient of Restitution

//Line 9. Set Mass