Collision Tag

A Collision Tag is used to determine if your character collided with entityA or entityB.

The following snippet shows how to set a collision tag for a 3D entity using the method U4DEngine::U4DStaticModel::setCollidingTag().

//Create a Game object
U4DEngine::U4DGameObject *myIsland=new U4DEngine::U4DGameObject();

//..initialize rendering properties here..
//..Set collision properties here..

//Set colliding tag

Then, you can check if your entity has collided with the model with tag island as shown in line 3:

void Astronaut::update(double dt){

	// Line 1. Has astronaut collided
        // Line 2. Get a list of entities it is colliding with
        for(auto n:getCollisionList()){
            // Line 3. Check if the entity an island 
            if (n->getCollidingTag().compare("island")==0) {
                std::cout<<"Collided with island"<<std::endl;