Camera System module



class U4DEngine::U4DCamera
The U4DCamera class is in charge of implementing a camera entity for the engine.
class U4DEngine::U4DCameraBasicFollow
The U4DCameraBasicFollow class provides the camera behavior for a Basic Follow camera.
class U4DEngine::U4DCameraFirstPerson
The U4DCameraFirstPerson class provides the camera behavior for a First Person camera.
class U4DEngine::U4DCameraInterface
The U4DCameraInterface provides the interface for the camera behaviors (first person camera, third person camera, etc)
class U4DEngine::U4DCameraThirdPerson
The U4DCameraThirdPerson class provides the camera behavior for a Third Person camera.
class U4DEngine::U4DVisibilityCulling
The U4DVisibilityCulling class tests whether a 3D model is within the frustum.
class U4DEngine::U4DVisibilityManager
The U4DVisibilityManager class tests whether a model is within the camera frustum.