Game Objects module



class U4DEngine::U4DEntityManager
The U4DEntityManager Class manages the rendering, space update, physics, collision and visibility for all objects in a game.
class U4DEngine::U4DDynamicModel
The U4DDynamicModel class represents a 3D dynamic model entity.
class U4DEngine::U4DGameObject
The U4DGameObject class represents all characters in a game.
class U4DEngine::U4DModel
The U4DModel class represents a 3D model entity.
class U4DEngine::U4DStaticModel
The U4DStaticModel class represents a 3D static model entity.
class U4DEngine::U4DBoundingAABB
The U4DBoundingAABB represents an AABB bounding volumen entity.
class U4DEngine::U4DBoundingConvex
The U4DBoundingConvex represents the convex-hull bounding volumen entity.
class U4DEngine::U4DBoundingOBB
The U4DBoundingOBB represents an OBB bounding volumen entity.
class U4DEngine::U4DBoundingSphere
The U4DBoundingSphere class represents a spherical bounding volumen entity.
class U4DEngine::U4DBoundingVolume
The U4DBoundingVolume class represents bounding volume entities.
class U4DEngine::U4DText
The U4DText class represents fonts entities.
class U4DEngine::U4DImage
The U4DImage class represents all images in a game.
class U4DEngine::U4DMultiImage
The U4DMultiImage class represents multi-images entities such as buttons with a pressed and a released image.
class U4DEngine::U4DSprite
The U4DSprite class represents sprite entities.
class U4DEngine::U4DSkybox
The U4DSkyBox class represents skybox (cubemap) entities.
class U4DEngine::U4DEntity
The U4DEntity class is a Super-Class for all the entities in a game, such as 3D models, buttons, fonts, etc.
class U4DEngine::U4DVisibleEntity
The U4DVisibleEntity class represents all visible entities in a game.
class U4DEngine::U4DTransformation
The U4DTransformation class manages the transformation of all entities.
class U4DEngine::U4DTransformationManagerInterface
The U4DTransformation interfaces provides all the methods for the transformation of all entities.
class U4DEngine::U4DScene
The U4DScene class represents the scene (universe) object of the game. A scene can have multiple worlds. A world represents the View Component of the Model-View-Controller pattern.
class U4DEngine::U4DWorld
The U4DWorld class represents the View Component of the Model-View-Controller pattern.