Release Notes

Beta Version v0.0.13

  • Fixed the relative motion of the mouse.
  • A custom-binary file format was implement. The engine now imports 3D model attributes by reading binary files instead of xml files.
  • Data to GPU transmission was also improved.
  • Helper fuctions were added to the shaders.
  • The Convex Hull computation was removed. This is now computed offline in the Digital Asset Converter utility.
  • Fixed the scale backing factor for iOS devices.
  • Added support for retinas and non-retines displays on Macs
  • Fixed the Navigation Paths computed by the engine.
  • Improved the raycast class to provide access to collision parameters
  • Added global time as a uniform for the metal shaders
  • Added mouse and keyboard support
  • Implemented a Mesh Data Manager. Mainly used to support Octrees data structures in the engine

Beta Version v0.0.12

In this version, an Artificial Intelligence System was implemented in the Untold Engine. It contains several Steering Behaviors such as Seek, Arrive, Pursuit, Collision Avoidance, and Wonder. A Navigation System using the A* Pathfinder algorithm was also implemented.

3D characters are also capable of going up and down slopes.

Beta Version v0.0.11

The engine now implements a Camera System which allows the camera to behave as a First Person Camera, Third Person Camera and as a Basic Follow Camera. The Camera Culling was also improved. It now allows the developer set the desired Culling interval. Finally, the Particle System was improved to produce 3D particles.

Beta Version v0.0.10

In this version of the engine, I added support for a wireless game controller. Since, the engine uses the Metal API, the engine is thus capable of running a game on several devices such as iOS and Mac. The video shows a small demo running on my Mac.

Beta Version v0.0.9

The engine implements the GJK algorithm to detect collision. The Collision Detection system worked fine between objects of similar size. However, for disproportionate size objects, i.e., terrain and a cube, the collision algorithm would fail 50% of the time. It took me over two months to improve the collision detection between disproportionate objects. It is not perfect, but it works within constraints.

Beta Version v0.0.8

Substantial memory leaks were happening all over the engine. The leakage was something I could no longer ignore, so this month I focused on fixing this issue. I used Xcode's Instrument app to help me locate the memory leakage throughout the engine. I'm now happy to say that the engine is leakage free.

Beta Version v0.0.7

This month I decided to scrap the original Particle System I had written back in v0.0.4 and focused on implementing a real Particle System. As the video shows, the engine is capable of creating smoke, explosions, snow and many other particles using its new Particle System.

Beta Version v0.0.6

These past two weeks I've been working on implementing a Frustum Culling algorithm for the engine.

The logic behind a Frustum Culling algorithm is essentially this:

"If the camera does not see the 3D model, then the engine should not render it".

Implementing this logic, allows you to have 100 models in a game, but only 10 or so many models being rendered at any time. Thus, improving the game experience.

Beta Version v0.0.5

In version v0.0.5, I ported the game engine from OpenGL to Apple's Metal API.

Initially, I planned to keep working on the 3D soccer game using v0.0.4 of the engine. However, I decided to port the engine once I saw an Augmented Reality demo. I realized that Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of gaming and it may be a good idea to have this feature available in the engine. However, the AR framework only works with the Metal API; it does not support OpenGL.

Beta Version v0.0.4

In this beta version v0.0.4, I implemented a primitive particle system, thus allowing explosion effects to occur once a missile hits the asteroid. I also enabled multi-touch, this allows the spaceship to turn as it speeds up. I also set up collision filters among object types. For example, object A and object B can collide; object A and object C can collide, but any collision among object B and Object C is ignored.

Beta Version v0.0.3

In this beta version v0.0.3 of the engine, animations and collision detection can work simultaneously. The BHV algorithm was improved helping the engine make better decisions when pairing up 3D models for collision detection. The MVC (Model-View-Controller) flow of information was also improved.

Beta Version v0.0.2

In Beta version v0.0.2, the game engine is capable of detecting collision between any convex models. Emulates physical forces such as gravity, drag, etc. Renders shadows.

Beta Version v0.0.1

In Beta version v0.0.1, the game engine is capable of rendering 3D models with textures/normal maps, animation, skyboxes, fonts, sprites and contains a digital asset importer.